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Tamera Parish

Coach has been consistent with his knowledge of the sport of bodybuilding thru nutrition, aesthetics, and conditioning to help take my fitness to the next level. After training for 3 years on my own with the assistance of YouTube, my family, and friends I saw the need for additional motivation to pump my January 2018 prep. I placed 1st in Open Figure A and 2nd in Master’s Women Figure35 & Over at Battle on the Bluff in Tunica, MS May 12, 2018. I went on to win my Pro Card as a Natural Figure Athlete w/ OWU/NBA on June 2, 2018. I feel Coach keeps it real and is in your corner to help you succeed in whatever goal his athletes set out to do.


I heard about Daavon through a friend, seeing results on Facebook... I was going through a pretty rough time in my life and knew I had to do something to change my way of life. I was super unhealthy but was blind and in denial to the fact of just how unhealthy I was. I have been working with him for 9 months and feel like I’m in the best shape of my life. Daavon has helped me figure out how to make healthy choices a way of life instead of just a “diet”. He told me the first day I started  with him “there are no dumb questions” so if I have questions even the dumb ones I ask him and he educates me on why I’m supposed to be doing that particular thing. In addition to feeling like I’m in the best shape of my life, it’s a huge stress reliever and therapy for me. I was told if I just did what he told me to do I would succeed... so I’ve done that and have seen amazing results! After 9 months I’m still not bored with the workouts or the diets and continue to stay motivated!


My experience with Daavon was exceptional. I think my before and after pictures does the speaking. As a professional with a busy schedule, he was flexible with me. I really appreciate his availability and attention to the details of my physique. We changed up my nutrition almost every couple of weeks because he was committed to making sure I achieved my desired results. The workouts made me hate him (temporarily) because it pushed me to my limit. He applied grace when it was needed. I have recommended him to many of my associates because he tailors the entire program to fit each person. I’m extremely happy with my results!


I’ve been with numerous trainers and gyms but walked out over weight and no results until I met Daavon Grayson. My first week, I lost almost 9 pounds. We started in February 11 and I was at 187.7 I’m 5’5” and now weigh 149 pounds from a 48” waist to a 34” waist. I have Multiple Sclerosis and Type II Diabetes’s. I’m from around 33 pills and 2 shots per day to NO medications and at the age of 64 I feel 34!!


Half my life I've spent my time depriving myself of food, doing the fad diets for a quick weight loss and felt like nothing has ever worked. I run marathons, half marathons, and train hard but could never lose the weight. I hit a wall and my husband realized for the first time in 8 years i was at my worst weight wise and I couldn't handle it anymore so he hired Daavon to help me overcome what I was feeling. I've had my fair share of trainers and most were interested in chatting it up to pass the time and did the minimum to just get paid but Daavon meant business. And it only took a week to feel that his nutrition plan and workouts were truly whipping me into shape. I've been able to lose 30 lbs in 4 months and not once did I feel food deprived. He formed a plan for me that would help me adjust my lifestyle and eating habits without making me feel miserable. I will be forever grateful for Daavon and how he didn't give up on me when I couldn't push through. His drive, passion !
and commitment to my journey has helped me enjoy life again. He has transformed me into a person I enjoy seeing in the mirror now. 


I was 55 when I walked into my first gym and knowing nothing about weight training I hired a coach. I have had a lot of coaches in the past almost 5 years. I did learn from each of them but I can tell you one thing, never have I had so much respect for a coach as Daavon. I was with a trainer for about 8 months when I met Daavon. My Trainer at the time was preparing me for my very first Physique Competition that was coming up in about 3 months. I realized that my trainer at the time was not knowledgeable in any type of competition and ask Daavon if it was possible for me to get on track for the upcoming show. Without hesitation he told me, “Do as I say, eat what I say and I will have you there”.


I can not begin to tell you what this man did for me. Many times, I expressed concerns about certain areas of my body, but all along he continued to assure me everything would be okay. I’m not sure how he does it, but the science behind what he knows blows me away not to mention how this man can look at me and know exactly what my body need continues to blow me away to this day.

Needless to say, competition day was success from the beginning placing first place in my division. I could have never been able to get where I am today without the knowledge, trust and degermation that this man has for me and all of his clients. I am truly blessed that he is apart of my life and looking forward to his next challenge taking me to my first Classic Physique Competition next year!

Thanks Coach for an amazing job!


As I started becoming a fitness enthusiast I had been training intensely, eating what I thought was clean and working out really hard. As far as I knew I was doing everything right, but I had hit a plateau and knew there had to be more to this. I started training with Daavon and immediately started seeing amazing results. What I once thought was the proper way of exercise and nutrition was not proper at all. Daavon got my nutrition on point and I started seeing results I never thought I would achieve. My workouts became an actual body building process as opposed to just going in the gym and leading myself blindly from machine to machine. 
I am now at a place in my life where I’m not only physically happy, but even more so mentally happy. I found a lifestyle instead of just a quick fix or trendy diet fad.


My journey with Coach D and the Through Physique family has been a blessing. I started off a 129pd man who would have never thought I would one day be on stage as a Physique competitor. Coach D push me beyond my expectations from clean eating meal plans,training in the gym teaching my body discipline,lifting weights and my least favorite Cardio LOL.Making the decision to become a competitor was one of the best choices I’ve made. It improved my health all round and it also bettered me as a man. So now here I am a 1st place Men Physique competitor working towards my road to PRO.

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